Top Hip Hop Songs
Top Hip Hop Songs

Rapstar Polo G, Thot Shit Megan, Wusyaname Tyler, Industry baby Jack Harlow, Calling my phone Lil Tjay, wants and needs drake, family ties Kendrick Lamar, up Cardi B, Run it up Lil Tjay, knife talk Drake, Sorry not sorry Dj Khaled, Miss the rage playboi carti, Best friend Saweetie, sharing locations

Top Hip Hop Songs 2021

If you enjoy music, you are probably searching on Google a lot for “top hip hop music.”. Today, I would like to introduce a playlist to you so that you can find Top Hip Hop Songs 2021. But before we get into top hip hop tracks in 2021, let’s take a look back at the history of hip hop music.

Hip hop song, also known as rap music, is a genre of music that originated in the United States during the mid- 1970s and became a key part of contemporary pop culture during the 1980s. A rap group consists of two main elements: MCing (rapping) and DJing (production and scratching). The elements of hip hop are hip hop dance, such as breakdancing, and urban art, such as graffiti, that emerged in the early 1970s among inner-city youth, mainly African Americans and Latinos in New York City.

Usually, hip hop music is characterized by rhythmic lyrics that use techniques such as alliteration, rhyme, and assonance. Beats are instrumental tracks usually performed by a DJ, created by a producer, or performed by one or more instrumentalists.

As per Google’s recommendation, here are the Top hip hop songs 2021. You can listen to these songs on our Spotify playlist.

Songs’ name 👇👇👇

  1. Rapstar Polo G,
  2. Thot Shit Megan,
  3. Wusyaname Tyler,
  4. Industry baby Jack Harlow,
  5. Calling my phone Lil Tjay,
  6. wants and needs drake,
  7. family ties Kendrick Lamar,
  8. up Cardi B,
  9. Run it up Lil Tjay,
  10. knife talk Drake,
  11. Sorry not sorry Dj Khaled,
  12. Miss the rage playboi carti,
  13. Best friend Saweetie,
  14. Sharing locations
  15. MONTERO(Call Me By Your Name)
  16. Real As It Gets
  17. Shoot My Shot
  18. Wockesha
  19. Lemon Pepper Freestyle
  21. Late at night
  22. durag activity
  23. Straightenin
  24. Big Energy
  25. Having our way
  26. Who want Smoke
  27. 5500 Degrees
  28. Ramen & OJ
  29. range brothers
  30. Scatter Brain
  31. 2055
  32. Hellcats & Trackhawks
  35. Motley Crew
  36. Fair Trade
  37. Headshot
  38. Black Illuminati
  39. When Tony Met Sosa
  40. No Time for Sleep
  41. Trenches
  42. Betrayal
  43. Edamame
  44. Last one Standing
  45. Blue Notes 2
  46. Really like that
  47. Faces
  48. Murder music
  49. Seduce
  50. Villain
  51. Fast lane
  52. SumBody by Phlem

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