The remarkable new album ‘Love or Desire,’ by dream duo Decrease in Value was a 2 year project
which began recording way back in February 2021 at the prolific Studio Truth- spending so much
time in the studio perfecting every aspect of this 5 track masterpiece is what makes ‘Love or Desire,’
so incredible. The power pair were inspired predominantly by a shared love for music and overt
passion for singing, rapping and song-writing.

love or desire
love or desire

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The EP ponders an intriguing theme of an initial love gradually turning into a much more sinister obsession and deadly deep passion for someone – a unique songwriting focus. Tracks such as ‘I’m Just Selfish,’ boast incessantly catchy chorus melodies paired with Wet Leg esc verses alongside similarly ear capturing songs such as ‘First Love,’ which is a spacey synth Pop track drenched in an early 2000s nostalgia feel. ‘Love or Desire,’ takes you on an entrancing journey through a twisted, bitter love story through an all-encompassing
soundscape which you simply can’t miss out on – an essential listen.

Decrease in Value are a talented twosome made up of Chanel and Luna both of whom have been
enthralled by music since childhood. Growing up on such a rich musical diet and a fascination for
music has allowed Decrease in Value to carefully craft their unmistakable sound over a long period
of time.

The story behind the group comes from a nearly 10 year long friendship between Chanel and Luna who have been inseparable from the age just 13 – they channel their long term connection and friendship into every aspect of their music and it’s what gives the duo such a raw, tangible authenticity. Decrease in Value are a remarkably gifted pair eager to make their mark on the scene and truly establish their deserved place in the industry.

Ava Max, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Shakira, Natalia Kills
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