Prinker S Tattoo Device

Prinker S is a portable, handheld device which is designed for temporary tattoos. It uses a unique printing technology that allows everyone to create and apply custom designs directly onto their skin. So you may ask yourself why we should talk about this device in the website that related to music and Spotify. To answer your question I should say that this device let you to print Spotify code on your skin and also many of music lovers may like to print a temporary tattoos on their skin before they go to club or concert.
because this device has a lot of fans among music lovers we made a decision to talk about it in our website, and we want to have a comprehensive review of this device and answer all questions that you may have about this device.

Prinker S Features: Easy, Customizable, and Safe Tattoos in Seconds with Long-Lasting Water-Based Ink

  • If you like to create tattoos on your skin, I recommend Prinker to you because it’s easy to use, and for creating tattoos on your skin, you don’t need to have any special skills, and you can print your desired tattoo on your skin in a fraction of a second.
  • The other positive feature of Prinker is its Customizable designs. From the mobile app of this device, you can have access to more than 5000 pre-made design tattoos and a wide range of customization options, including font selection and color choices and etc.
  • The ink of Prinker is water base and free from harmful chemicals that, make it very Safe for all skin types. Its also certified by various international safety standards like FDA.
  • The tattoos created on your skin are long-lasting, and you will have them for up to 3 days on your skin, and because Prinker’s ink is waterproof and smudge-proof, Prinker tattoos are ideal for using outdoor activities or at the beach.
  • Prinker S is a portable and rechargeable device, and you can easily carry it, and its battery can last up to four hours of continuous use.

What is The Resolution of The Prinker S Printer?

Tattoo’s resolution is very important because the level of detail and clarity of the tattoos depend on this factor, and a higher resolution of tattoos results in a more detailed and realistic tattoo. In comparison, a lower resolution can appear blurry or pixelated, so it is very important to consider the resolution of tattoos because it can significantly impact the final result of tattoos on your skin.
The unit that Tattoo’s resolution is measured is dots per inch or dpi; the minimum tattoo resolution in this business should be higher than 300 dpi.
So lets answer our question after this brief introduction about resolution, The resolution of Prinker S device tattoos is 200 x 200dpi, and because of the high resolution of this it, you can create highly detailed and long-lasting tattoos on your skin.

What is The Size of the Prinker S Device?

Before making decision about buying Prinker S, you may want to know about the size of this device and how portable the Prinker, and is it possible to carry it when you have your recreational trips.

According to my research from the Prinker site to find the answer of your question, the Size of the Prinker S device is 71mm x 85mm x 150mm (whd), and its weight is 340g. so as you see, Prinker is a small device, and you can easily carry this device with yourself and have it with you on your travels and enjoy the temporary tattoos that you can create on your skin in different situations during your trip.

How Long Does it Take for the Prinker S to Heat up?

Suppose I want to answer your question practically. In that case, you should not wait at all to heat up Prinker because when you want to print a tattoo on your skin, after turning the Prinker on, you should:

  • Connect it to the Prinker app
  • Choose your desired tattoo
  • Spray the primer on your skin
  • Print it on your skin.
    This process takes at least one minute. Still, if I want to answer your question without considering the process of printing tattoos on your skin, in that case, I should say, according to the manufacturer, the Prinker S can heat up and be ready to use in about 35-45 seconds after turning it on.

What is The Maximum Size of the Tattoos That The Prinker S Can Print?

According to my research, the maximum tattoo size we can print by Prinker S is 1 inch x 39 inches. But you should consider this point that maximum size is depending on other factors like:

The quality of the images on your skin (low-quality tattoos can cover a larger picture), the Location of the tattoo on your body, and your skin type.

How Many Tattoos Can the Prinker S Print on a Single Cartridge?

The Prinker S uses two different kinds of cartridges; if you like to have colored tattoos on your skin, you need to put two cartridges in the Prinker S, but for black color tattoos, you need only one cartridge.
The number of tattoos that you can print on your skin with black ink is 1000 tattoos for one cartridge.