Free Music Promotion Opportunity for Artists

Music promotion or even better free music promotion for artists who published new song is very important. If you are an artists or musicians and you published new song recently or published your songs few months ago and you are looking for

  • Free music promotion methods
  • Platforms to promote your music free
  • Want to add your songs into Spotify playlists
  • Want to get more followers and leads

we recommand you to read this text to the end.

Free music promotion

Promote Your Music Free and Add your Song to Spotify Playlist

We dont promise you, we will send thousands streams and followers to your links and your website.

Here, we want to send a positive signal to search engines through various platforms and our own website to your profile. this signal can help your music’s link achieve better SEO rank and it helps you get closer to success.

For promoting your music, we send you a signal from 4 strong social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and you can make our signal stronger by sharing our post among your friends and fans in those social platforms.
Finally, we will mention your name and your song in one of our articles and we will add your song into the Spotify playlist of that article. All this activity can help you to improve the position of your song in the eye of the search engines like Google and make you closer to the success.

What Should You Send us to Promote Your Song Free

Some text for:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Two different photos for posts

  • Artist picture
  • Cover of artist album

Send me your song’s Spotify link or link of your song in other respected music platform.

Suggestions for Artist’s Promotion Text

  • Since we will use the photo of the artist’s face for social networks, It is better to send us Square photo and with a face in the middle of the picture
  • Text sent for Twitter and Instagram should be short (under forty-five words).
  • Texts for Facebook, LinkedIn and the website should be under 300 words.
  • You should write your text as if someone else is talking about you. For this purpose, reading the following text can help to better understand the subject.

” Cata Vazquez is a 17 year old Argentine singer/songwriter.
She has lived in China since she was a kid.
She sing/song-write/compose in English, Chinese and Spanish.
Her biggest dream is to be able to make people who listen to her music feel represented and heard, since her songs speak from the heart about real and lived experiences.
She hope you like her songs❀❀❀.”

We explained the rest of the information in the form below. Please pay attention to the things that we mentioned in it so we can publish your text more easily and quickly.

Wishing you all good luck, dear artists.

Hello dear artists, our form has some problem and we cannot collect the information that you send us correctly, please send your data to our Facebook our Instagram page:

  1. Your text should be at least 100 words for our website and for social media platform we need a short text.
  2. Two pictures
  3. Spotify link of your song.
  4. Follow us in the Social media that you want to add your text and send me a message too.

Thank you all. we are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible.

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